Oxygen Therapy is a simple drug-free and non-invasive technique aimed at stimulating the delivery of oxygen to the bloodstream and thereby attacking the inflammation in the nervous system caused by neurological conditions such as MS.

Oxygen Therapy is also proved to be effective on other conditions and as a treatments to aid healing of wounds and fractures, skin ulceration, burns and the fatigue which is brought on by some cancer treatments.

By increasing the amount of oxygen available to the body, natural repair can be encouraged, as oxygen is delivered through the bloodstream. A recent study of MS patients over 15 years has reported improvements in levels of fatigue, speech, balance, bladder control, cognitive function and walking.

Each session takes place in our vessel called a chamber. Up to six people can be seated in the chamber at one time and each session takes approximately 1hr 30mins. The chamber is slowly pressurised by a controller on the outside of the chamber. Once pressure is reached, a mask is worn allowing you to breathe in pure oxygen. We operate our Oxygen Therapy at three pressures and we will work with you to develop a programme of treatment which meets your needs.

After an initial series of intensive sessions of treatment, most people identify the need for additional sessions at weekly intervals in order to maintain the gains they have made.  Some service users have been taking oxygen treatment for over 20 years and continue to benefit from relief from fatigue and many other symptoms.

Sessions are £12 per session for neuro conditions and £20 per session for non-neuro conditions. If you would like to know more about this therapy speak to Michele, our Operations Manager.

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