We’ve started an exciting new project, ‘Access to Exercise’, in partnership with Brio Leisure and the Walton Centre, with funding from Sport England.

There is a well-established and growing evidence base that suggests that physical activity can be beneficial for both our physical and psychological wellbeing. For people living with neurological conditions being active, even in small amounts regularly, can help to manage chronic symptoms such as pain and fatigue, as well as being an empowering tool to improve and support everyday life.

Over the next 3 years, activities will be developed across the Brio Leisure sites throughout Cheshire West and Chester where you will be able to access Brio Leisure services tailored to your needs as well as physio support for activities via the Neuro Therapy Centre.

At the Neuro Therapy Centre, you’ll be able to access a whole host of specialised advice, support, and physio guidance to start you on this journey. For individuals living with neurological conditions that do not require such a specialised care package, we can refer you to Brio Leisure where you can receive additional information and advice from trained individuals on how to access their exercise services and discuss any concerns you may have prior to starting any activity.

We’ll be monitoring your health and wellbeing over the course of your activity journey. The learnings we gather from this study will go on to inform and influence a new qualification for fitness and health professionals, to advance their knowledge and skills around supporting those affected by neurological conditions.

The costs will vary according to the activities you access. Registered carers can accompany you free of charge. 

We chose to work with Brio because of their expertise, excellent and easy-to-reach leisure facilities, together with their commitment to improving wellbeing within our community. You can find out more about Brio by visiting their website www.brioleisure.org

To find out what exercise and physio support is available for you in your area or for more information please contact us on 01244 678619 or [email protected]

Feedback about the project:

“I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive MS 25 years ago resulting in my mobility being severely reduced; I am now confined to a wheelchair. However, over the past few years, aspects of my condition have improved considerably and I attribute this in no small measure to my access to exercise. 

Every week I attend two sessions in the gym at the Neuro Therapy Centre where I benefit from both the considerable expertise of a personal trainer and a wide and well adapted range of equipment. Since starting my programme the strength in all my limbs and core has improved considerably as has my mobility. My work in the gym (which includes boxing!) is providing a unique opportunity to develop my cardio-vascular fitness. It's wonderful to be able to get out of breath again! 

I also attend the weekly Aqua-Therapy Class at the Brio Leisure Centre for a session comprising fitness/mobility exercise and swimming coaching. With the help and encouragement of instructors, I have learned to swim again and I am swimming 500 metres each session. Through swimming and a water-based exercise routine, I have gained a great deal more strength and movement in my legs, have improved levels of fitness and equally importantly, it has helped restore my confidence and enabled me to again enjoy my favourite sport, swimming. 

I cannot speak too highly of all that “Access to Exercise” has done for me."

Referral Forms

To access these activities just fill in the form below or ask your Nurse or GP to refer you directly.

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Who are Brio Leisure?

Brio Leisure manage health, leisure and wellbeing centres across Cheshire West and Chester, including Northgate Arena in Chester, Ellesmere Port Sports Village, Northwich Memorial Court, and Winsford Lifestyle centre, alongside many more leisure centres and entertainment venues.

Our partners

This project is a partnership with Brio Leisure and the Walton Centre, with funding from Sport England and support from the MS Society, Parkinsons UK and Sheffield Hallam University.