Since lockdown began in March 2020 we have created a Virtual Centre to maintain support to people with neurological conditions and their Carers during these difficult times.

Services include:

  • telephone support to keep in regular contact with all our members and their Carers to provide advice, sign-post them to additional support they may need at this time and to be that friendly listening ear.
  • telephone counselling support to continue our counselling services so valued by our members including coping with anxiety and isolation, bereavement, dealing with condition progression and carer responsibility.
  • 12 live exercise sessions delivered each week by our qualified and experienced physiotherapists and fitness instructor
  • recorded exercise sessions that people can do in their own time on our blog.
  • increased our regular communications to keep people up-to-date, supported and entertained.
  • providing regular social events through coffee mornings, sing-a-long sessions, virtual quiz evenings and even our own music festival to maintain the social support and friendships people benefit from at the Centre
  • ideas and activities for people to fill their time on our blog such as gardening tips, recipes to try, and an downloadable puzzle book.

Looking Ahead

These activities will be on-going for some time to come due to the unpredictable nature of Covid-19. From the feedback we have received we are also looking at ways to keep the benefits people have gained through these services in the future, so that these services can run alongside our in-Centre activities. This will enable us to be able to reach more people that need our support who find it difficult to visit the Centre either due to transport issues, work commitments, or those who simply wish to access support in a remote way.

We are regularly seeking opinions on our services from our members to see if we can make improvements to our service.

Feedback on our Virtual Centre

Below is just some of the feedback we have received from our members:

General response:

“Loving the virtual contact with you. Keep it up if you can, thanks.”

“We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the staff at the Neuro Therapy Centre, Saltney for all your support and help at this difficult time.”

“It’s helped for us to know someone is always looking out.”

Response to Exercise links:

“Great - do these everyday!”

“Thanks for the seated exercise class routines …😁”

“This is a great motivator for me!”

“Thank you very much for the videos it really helps will miss going to the centre but these help x”

“This is fabulous thanks so much.

Response to telephone contact

“Just had a phone call from Sam, just to say ‘Hi’ and check I'm OK. Lovely to have that contact... Thank you so much! Cheered my day.”

“The phone calls help a great deal to know someone is there. It’s nice to keep that contact and it helps to keep wife (who has MS) motivated.

Response to Live Exercise session

“It was great! Thank you Ellie, Sam & Kiran - well worth doing and a great motivator!”

“That was brilliant Ellie, Sam & Kiran great way to help us feel motivated & nice to see friendly faces xx”

“Just wanted to say thank you for these virtual sessions keeping us active and seeing your friendly faces.”

“Thanks Santi, I enjoyed the boxing session this morning.”

“Thank you Kiran and Sam - I really enjoyed seeing you and the class today, my body needed exercising - it’s different from gardening! “

“Look forward to seeing you again soon on Zoom and even more in person! Keep well. 🙏🍀”

“I thought I would sail through, but as I might more realistically have expected you (physiotherapist) found quite a few of my unexercised muscles! …. It does work well with Zoom and has the benefit of cutting out the 35 mile round trip.”

“Just wanted to thanks for the session this morning Santi & Sam you worked us hard but really enjoyed it x”

“Keeps company – some people have no contact and I think the online presence is amazing for them”

Response to #workoutathome videos on facebook.

“Thanks Santi, I enjoyed the boxing session this morning”.

“Boxing class is a good level even for me!”

Response to singing videos by our Physiotherapist, Ellie:

“Well well well that is amazing you could go far with those pipes you've got girl!!! But I'm not gonna tell you to do it as your my physio!! Xx 👍😘”

“That was lovely Ellie you've got a gorgeous voice! Take care & keep safe hope to see you again soon! Xx”

“Wow girl! - you have blues in your blood! Are you maybe named after my fave soul sister the larger than life Ella Fitzgerald?? 😊👍xx”

“Love listening to you sing you have a lovely voice xx”

“Fabulous voice Elle. Thank you very much we really enjoyed it. Lots of Love xxx”

Feedback from the wife of a man with a neurological condition

“They’re just there for us aren’t they”

“I know any help or exercise or support is available if we need it”

“Thank you very much for all your support, I get at least a call a week”

“It’s always been a very caring place for us, that hasn’t changed”

Feedback from the partner of a man with MS

“It’s just nice to know somebody is there if you need help.”

“Particularly with carers, just that phone call makes the difference, a huge difference.

Thank you so much.”

“Peace of mind.”

Feedback from the husband of a woman with MS

“The centre has helped immensely, when it all kicked off 4-5 weeks ago, I had to take time off work to look after my wife and continue her therapies, but there’s only so many exercises I know but with the centre doing these online courses, they know the members really well, when to ease off or progress, and with my wife, she’s beaming enjoying them, it’s all a laugh, and it’s taken the pressure off me. My wife prefers to do the exercises with you guys.”

“Even the little things, Ellie’s singing for example, just raises a smile to your face, just little things like that lift spirits; it’s great.”

“Keen for a weekly wellbeing zoom class.”