Great for flexibility and mobility issues

People living with neurological conditions face daily challenges related to movement and activities, and can experience gradual deterioration of their condition over a period of time alongside a variety of symptoms including muscle weakness and stiffness, fatigue, balance issues and immobility.

Our Physiotherapists have devised programmes to combat these problems and their sessions take place in a dedicated and well-equipped suite. Our Physiotherapists will evaluate your body’s ability to move and function with particular emphasis on walking, strength, balance, posture, fatigue and pain.

Techniques used include stretching, range-of-motion and strengthening exercises, gait training, and training in the use of appropriate aids and other assistive devices. The goal is to achieve and maintain optimal function and prevent de-conditioning, muscle weakness from lack of mobility, and muscle contractures.

Everyone has a personal physio assessment on their first visit to the Centre and a programme is carefully developed with you, which takes into account your personal preferences, and outlines the benefits.

There is the opportunity to get involved in pilates based group exercise classes, which concentrate on each area of the body in turn, to promote mobility and muscle strength, with emphasis being placed on muscles that help control balance and therefore boost confidence in transfers and movement.

Each person can participate in as much or as little as can be managed at first. Our neurologically trained physiotherapists encourage everyone to progress through the programme as strength develops.

All our classes are mat-based and seated Pilates exercise classes and are led by our neurologically trained Physios, Jane, Kiran, Connor and Ellie.

If you have particular needs our Physios can work with you on an individual basis using a range of equipment including Swiss balls, tilt table, Balance Trainer, Thera bike, pilates ball, Wii fit, VibroGym to achieve your personal goals, and have fun in the process.

Price £6.00 per session

Monday  12.10pm (advanced - Balance, Stretch and Fun) 1.15pm (seated session)
Tuesday  11.30am 1:30pm (Parkinson’s)    2.30pm (High-end/advanced)
Wednesday  10.30am (seated) 11.45am
Thursday    10.30am  11.40am
Friday  11.00am (Falls class) 12.00 noon (seated)

For more information contact [email protected] or call 01244 678619.