Leaving a gift in your Will

Have you thought about leaving a gift in your Will to the Neuro Therapy Centre? Charitable legacies are important to the future of small charities like ours and they are a lasting way of making a real difference. 

Neurological conditions are incurable, and every year more people are diagnosed, but with the right support they can live a full and rewarding life.

Gifts that supporters leave us in their wills make a vital difference to us providing our services. People with neurological conditions across the region rely on the expertise provided by our qualified physiotherapists to keep them living independently, as well as the friendly atmosphere and support offered at the Centre.

Once you have provided for your loved ones, please consider including a gift to the Neuro Therapy Centre in your Will. No matter how big or small, you can be sure it will make a difference. You can add a charitable gift free of charge when you write or amend a Will and it can be tax efficient.

Your support can help us continue our work in years to come and ensure support is available in the future.

5 reasons to make a Will and keep it up-to-date 

1. To make sure your wishes are followed

With an up-to-date Will, you’ll have the peace of mind that the people and causes you’ve chosen will be looked after the way you choose. It’s the only way to make sure your wishes are followed the way you intend.

2. To make it easier on friends and family

A Will being available makes it much easier for your estate to be taken care of. Without a Will, the process can be difficult, stressful and time-consuming.

3. To help minimise inheritance tax

If you’ve got a Will, it can help reduce the amount of inheritance tax that needs to be paid on your estate.

4. To protect the rights of your partner

If you and your partner aren’t married or in a civil partnership, you don’t have the same automatic rights as those who are married. You can make sure your partner’s looked after by naming them in your Will.

5. To give your assets to the people and causes you love most

Without a Will to express your wishes, your whole estate could end up belonging to the Crown or government. Write a Will to keep control.

What to do next

For more information on making and updating your Will, we would always advise you to contact a solicitor.

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift to the Centre in confidence, please contact Jane or Katie.

How to leave a gift in your will

You can leave a charitable gift in your Will for free anytime you write or update an existing Will.

We strongly recommend that you use a solicitor when writing or editing your Will. By taking specialist legal advice, you will be able to ensure that all your wishes are legally incorporated and that intended beneficiaries receive their funds. Your chosen solicitor may be able to give you some advice on how to structure your Will to make sure your wishes are carried out as you intend them.

You may also want to consider executing Lasting Powers of Attorney as part of your future planning, your solicitor can discuss this with you.

What types of gift can you leave to charity?

  • A share of your estate. After you have provided for your loved ones, you can leave a share of what remains to charity. This is known as a ‘residuary gift’.
  • A cash gift. This is when you leave an exact sum of money to us. It's known as a 'pecuniary gift'.
  • A specific gift. Such as an antique or collection.
  • A gift in trust. You can leave a gift for use by someone over a period of time. When the time has ended, the gift can then be passed on to other recipients, such as a charity.


To leave a gift in your Will to the Neuro Therapy Centre please make sure the details below are used. Please add our official name, address and charity number:

Neuro Therapy Centre, Units C1-C4 Brymau Estate One, River Lane, Saltney, Flintshire, CH4 8RG. 

Charity Number: 700904


What previous legacy gifts have helped us achieve

Gifts left in Wills were essential to us being able to complete the following project:

New Gym

This year we have been able to re-develop our Centre building in Saltney to enlarge our gym area. Our accessible gym is a popular service at the Centre and through legacy income we were able to re-develop our space to increase its size and the amount of equipment we could provide. 

“I use the gym a lot at the Centre. The Thera-trainer bike is something that wheel-chair bound members like myself can use and I love it. It is of great benefit to me as exercise really makes a difference to how I am able to manage my MS – making life bearable. The Centre is my lifeline for keeping my body and muscles going.” Member with MS