Great for cardio, balance and stamina

Sarah, the Brio Leisure instructor will make sure that you have fun whilst putting you through your paces, working against the resistance of the water and special water 'weights'. This is a high-paced exercise class but is suitable for any ability and you can work with your Carer in the water.

The buoyancy helps facilitate movement which can be more restricted on land, and many people have found that working in water helps their overall balance and strength. 

The class is held at Brio Leisure Ellesmere Port Sports Village, Ellesmere Port, CH65 9LB, on Fridays, 11am -12 noon.

The pool is full accessible and has some large changing cubicles suitable for people attending with their Carer. The class is for people who are independent in the pool, but also those who wish to have a carer in the pool with them.

The classes cost £4.30, once you have become a Brio member. Pay for each session at Brio Leisure, Ellesmere Port.