A Centre which helps people with neurological conditions has reinvented its services to adapt to the current Coronavirus pandemic-and is calling on people to support an appeal to allow it to provide this help. 

Saltney based charity the Neuro Therapy Centre – which supports people with neurological conditions across North Wales, Cheshire and the Wirral - made the difficult decision to physically close its Centre last month due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The Centre will be closed until Monday 15th June in line with the government’s guidance for people with long-term conditions to stay at home for 12 weeks. 

During the next few months the Centre is aiming to offer support and advice over the telephone and on its website; exercise sessions over its social media, website and through video conferencing; and counselling sessions over the telephone. 

The Centre supports people who have long-term degenerative neurological conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, MND, Ataxia, Fibromyalgia and MS. “We are experiencing circumstances that we’ve never had to deal with before,” said Jane Johnston-Cree, Centre Director at the Neuro Therapy Centre. “At the Centre we offer one-to-one and group physiotherapy, oxygen therapy, and counselling. The team at the Centre have been amazing, and have been working hard to think of creative ways we can still offer support to people through this difficult time and we’ve come up with a package of activities that can hopefully go some way to helping our members and their Carers maintain their fitness and mobility and keep their spirits lifted at this difficult time. We’ve been really heartened by the encouragement our members have already given us to starting these services.” 

A number of the Centre’s planned fundraising events have also had to be cancelled or postponed which has had a detrimental impact on the Centre’s finances. The Centre is currently trying to raise £50,000 to be able to offer its Virtual Centre over the next three months. “It is our 35th anniversary this year and we were hoping this would give a big boost to our fundraising, currently we have had to put off a number of activities and events we had planned and try to look for new ways to fund our Virtual Centre and to keep the Centre going so that we are available to re-open later in the year. We’d love as many people to support our emergency appeal as possible and will be very grateful for any amount that people feel they could give,” said Jane Johnston-Cree. 

If you have a neurological condition and you’d like to access the Centre’s support on their website visit www.neurotherapycentre.org or follow them on their Facebook or Twitter pages @NTCentre


If you would like to donate to the Centre’s emergency appeal to help fund the services of its Virtual Centre visit: www.neurotherapycentre.org/appeal/help-support-our-virtual-centre