The Neuro Therapy Centre has been around for 35 years, with the sole aim of providing personalised quality care and support to vulnerable patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

How will my donation help?

Our staff are working hard to provide our members and their Carers with as much support as possible during this time by providing:

  • exercises that can be carried out at home
  • advice and support
  • engagement virtually and over the phone
  • counselling support over the phone
  • keeping up with regular communications to inform, motivate and lift the spirits

All our virtual therapies are currently being offered free of charge, so this appeal is vital to ensuring these services can take place.

How you can help?

Please help us to fund these services and keep the Centre going during this difficult time. With your help we can make sure our members are not left feeling isolated and we can help maintain their fitness whilst they are unable to visit the Centre. 


Any income raised over our target will contribute towards supporting the Centre, and expanding our services in the future.