During this time of isolation you might be finding a need to learn more about technology. Even if you have been a frequent user before the current situation you still might find the following films helpful to learn an extra skill.

These are a series of films which have been produced by BT and ITV to help, and we have picked out some of the most relevant for our members below. There are even some famous faces along the way to help explain the topics.

Hopefully you're accessing our live Zoom classes, this blog and our social media pages for tailored exercise support and recommendations from our team, but here Fearne Cotton gives some ideas for how to stay happy and healthy at home, including meditation, ideas to fill your time and look after your mental health.

Using technology more means we have to be extra careful when we visit websites and when deciding how much of our personal information we give them; here Angellica Bell gives some top tips for staying safe online.

You may be looking at new ways to stay in touch with family and friends; here Clare Balding talks through how to use WhatsApp including what it can be used for.

Podcasts are a great audio option for filling some time, being entertained and maybe even learning something new; here Rylan Clark-Neal talks through how to download them on whatever technology device you have.