Here at the Neuro Therapy Centre, we know how important balance is to our mobility and feeling of safety, and how people with long-term neurological conditions face extra challenges in this area. This Balance Awareness Week, we’ve been focussing on what we can do to make sure our balance is as good as it can be. We know we have to stay hydrated, and make sure we’re eating properly, and that exercise can be a big help. 

Whatever your level of mobility, we can help you boost your balance – the Standing Balance, Strength and Balance groups and Pilates classes are all aimed at building up strength and stability.  You can come to classes that are held at the Centre, and there are also virtual classes available via the website. 

There are online resources available from the Centre and from other organisations – here are some that our physio team recommend for you to try – some are aimed at specific conditions, but can be used by anyone with balance and stability issues.

If you are someone with a neurological condition who'd benefit from accessing our exercise sessions and support on a regular basis - why not contact us about becoming a member.

Talk to someone from our physiotherapy team if you need advice on the best exercise for you to help you make the most of your mobility. Please know your own health and body and don’t follow any exercise that you can’t manage. If you have any concerns about completing these exercises please telephone your GP surgery to consult your doctor.

Neuro Therapy Centre balance sessions

We've put together a selection of our sessions below so that you can see what these sessions involve:

Each week we offer Standing Balance classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a live online Strength and Balance session which can be carried out at home every Friday.

Other resources to support exercise

Parkinson's exercise at home advice 

NHS Balance exercises

MS Trust Balance exercises

MS Society Balance exercises and advice