My name is Lee Hunt I was diagnosed with MS just over 10 years ago and I've been supported by the Neuro Therapy Centre since 2010. I'm currently a project manager at Airbus but during the Covid period I have been furloughed since the beginning of April.

I bought an e-bike in 2019 and this has been brilliant for getting me back out and enjoying the fresh air, helping with the exercise which during this time is much needed!

To help track my exercise I’ve been using an app called Strava which records your times per ride, in addition it also splits them into segments, and then ranks yours and other people's times against each ride.

I have recently been crowned ‘king of the mountain’ for the ride up and down Hope Mountain which I'm really pleased with and something I never thought I could achieve.

I've steadily increased my rides from around 12 miles up to around 30 miles but through a bit of determination and continued exercise this has enabled me to achieve this. I'm proud of this and certainly whilst current circumstances are impacting everyone, I've also got loads done at home setting up a boxing gym in the garage and built an additional decking area in the garden. I've tried to make the most of the time which I feel I've definitely achieved.