We recently launched an Amazon Wish List for the Neuro Therapy Centre and we've been amazed and thrilled by the results.

Very much like those traditional lists for Father Christmas that you used to write as a child, this list gives our team the ability to add items that the Centre needs to carry out its work. This could be a raffle prize we can use at any event to raise additional funds or an item we use in our kitchen or by our physiotherapy team.

We keep the list up-to-date to reflect our day-to-day needs and every time something is purchased from our list it helps the Centre to reduce it's running costs or contributes to us being able to raise funds to keep the Centre going.

Our list has been really popular and people seem to be embracing it as a way to support us.

So far we have received some coffee supplies for our kitchen, a new coin counter to help us count our collections, a massive selection of stationery to keep our administration going and a new keyboard for our reception area.

Thank you so much to everyone who has brought us a gift. You are all truly amazing!

You can also help us by spreading the word about our list to your friends and family.