Our physiotherapy services will be able to grow thanks to funding we have received from the Steve Morgan Foundation to support the funding of one of our Neuro Physiotherapist for three years.

The Steve Morgan Foundation is passionately committed to changing lives for good, by working with partners that make a positive difference to those in need. Founded in 2001 by businessman and philanthropist, Steve Morgan CBE, they provide funding, support, expertise and best practice to the charities and organisations they support. By harnessing the power of working together, they address a range of areas including poverty, homelessness, health and wellbeing, and education and training.

Significant grants are available to partners for core funding, salaries and operational costs, and they encourage long term relationships to make the biggest difference through the power of working together. By addressing a range of areas including poverty, homelessness, health and wellbeing, and education and training, they have helped to improve the quality of life for more than four million people and have committed more than £300m of assets. The foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees, with Steve Morgan as Chairman and Liam Eaglestone as CEO.

“Our physiotherapy service provides a unique opportunity for people with neurological conditions to access this type of support regularly, which makes a real life-changing difference to people’s lives. It can be critical for helping people maintain their mobility, strength, and independence. Leading them to lead their ‘Best Neuro Life’ in line with our vision. Demand for this service is constant and this funding has enabled us to fund our newest Neurological Physiotherapist for three years, creating an opportunity for us to increase sessions, extend our opening hours, offer support tailored to a wider range of abilities, and ultimately support more people. We’re very grateful to the Steve Morgan Foundation for their support and the opportunities it enables our Centre to provide to the people who need us in the region,” said Jane Johnston-Cree, CEO, Neuro Therapy Centre.

The Centre takes a preventive and rehabilitative approach to managing conditions, bridging the gap between the NHS and the individual post diagnosis. The opportunity to receive regular tailored physical and emotional support makes a life-changing difference to people with neurological conditions.

The Centre supports people across Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales, with a focus on offering a range of therapies to support a wide range of neurological conditions including MS, Parkinson’s, ME, Ataxia and Fibromyalgia.

The funding will support the Centre to increase the number of one-to-one physiotherapy sessions it can offer, enable sessions to be available in the evenings twice a week to support people with neurological conditions who are in work, and increase the variety of exercise sessions available to offer more choice and have more tailored options for people with a range of abilities.

Member with MS

“I am finding the centre both uplifting and inspirational. I feel I’m getting real attention for my MS which is demonstrably helping both physically and mentally.”


“My son, is really enjoying and, more importantly, benefiting from his visits to Neuro Therapy Centre.”