Jane Johnston-Cree

Centre Director

I have worked here as a Physiotherapist since 2001, taking over the management side in 2010. The Centre has grown a lot in that time, with more members, more staff and more space! I also have responsibility for our fundraising, and building links with key partners such as the Walton Centre, WCCCG and BCUHB. It is a challenging role, and certainly keeps me very busy.

My background in musculo-skeletal conditions, exercise rehabilitation, and women's health within the NHS and private sector has given me a broad range of experience which combined with 16 years of running a busy city centre restaurant has given me the expertise to lead our dynamic Centre.

My main areas of focus are looking at strategic development, governance, income generation and responding to the needs of our members, whilst ensuring that the Neuro Therapy Centre is a positive and engaging place to be. We aim to continue to offer the services and activities that are important and relevant to you all, whilst keeping the Centre on a secure business footing.

When I’m not working I love to get out and about with my dog, and spend time with my (grown-up) family.

If you see me passing by, do call me over and have a chat, or you can contact me at [email protected]  

Shannah Goodrick

Corporate & Community Fundraiser and Fundraising & Administration Assistant

I organise and lead fundraising events and activities for the Centre and also manage fundraising volunteers. Some of the events that I organise include our annual fashion show and golf day, as well as events held at the Centre itself. I also encourage people to take part in third party events to raise sponsorship for the Centre including running events and challenges.  

If you have any events, fundraising ideas or are interested in volunteering for us, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Phoebe Bruce

Events Marketing & Design Coordinator

I work alongside the fundraising and marketing team helping to run activities and events as well as designing all the promotional materials.

You may also find me wandering around the Centre with my camera trying to capture the activities of our members and staff - so don’t forget to smile.