Centre Re-opening Update

Over the last couple of months the team have been working hard behind the scenes to work within an ever-increasing amount of government and health care guidelines to re-open the Centre.

We will be putting in place a staged approach to re-opening which will start in September.

In the initial phase only a restricted number of members will be invited back to use the Centre in a limited way, as we have had to severely reduce the numbers allowed within the building to stay within social distance guidelines.

To make this work we have selected members for this phase who we know aren’t able to access our virtual centre due to lack of technology or whose condition has declined due to not being able to attend the Centre.

To make sure we can still run the Virtual Services simultaneously the Centre will only be open 3 days a week.

To maintain social distancing places will be limited to:

  • 6 in a physio class
  • 2 in the oxygen chamber
  • 2 in the gym

Session length may be reduced to allow cleaning before and after.

To make this work we are:

  • Introducing increased cleaning schedules.
  • Asking staff to continue to work from home if they can to minimise the number of people within the Centre
  • Asking every member attending the Centre to wear a face covering.
  • Asking the physios and instructors to change in and out of their uniforms at the Centre.
  • Asking staff to wear PPE as appropriate.
  • Asking invited members to sanitize their hands on entry and exit of the building and for staff to wash their hands regularly.
  • Ensuing oxygen chamber tubes and masks are disinfected after each use and a member will enter the chamber wearing a face covering which will then be exchanged for the oxygen mask.
  • Asking everyone on site and within the car park to maintain a 2 metre distance from each other. There will be no hands-on support from staff at this time (if you need support your Carer can attend the class to assist you, but will be asked to wear PPE).
  • Introducing temperature checks for all as well as a health questionnaire that will need to be completed before entering the building.
  • Giving each area of service a dedicated entrance/exit to reduce movement within the building
  • Asking invited members to wait in their car until they are called into the Centre for their session.

Social space/coffee lounge/facilities

There will be no coffee lounge or food/tea/coffee available.

Please only bring essential personal belongings into the building.

Dedicated toilets will be made available in each area for members to use if necessary, also for hand washing.

Invited members should attend for their session only and leave as promptly as possible when this has finished. This will make sure that there is time to carry out essential cleaning before the next session. 

We have made the Neuro Therapy Centre Covid-secure - see our risk assessment and protocols.

Payment for services

To be fair to members who haven’t been able to use the virtual centre in the last few months, where sessions have been free, both in-Centre sessions and the Virtual Centre sessions will remain free until the end of November, when this will be reviewed.

It will only be possible to do this and to continue to do it, if donations to the Centre carry on being received. Please make donations to support our service if you can and encourage people you know to donate or fundraise for us. It all makes a difference. Thank you.

If you are a member who has been invited to the Centre, contactless donations will be possible. Please try to avoid bringing cash if possible.

Next step

Invited members will receive further details over the coming weeks by e-mail, post or over the phone. If you are given an appointment please make sure you have read and follow the instructions in there guidelines.

Please do not attend the Centre unless you have been invited to do so.

In time, subject to Government guidelines, we hope to be able to extend our in-Centre services again and welcome more members back. 

How you can expect the Centre to look: