Last year we moved our membership process online due to necessity during the lockdowns. Over the last couple of months, we have taken the opportunity to review our processes to make sure that they work in the most efficient way for our members (so it is as easy as possible to join and renew) as well as make the best use of our resources at the Centre.

We are now at the stage where we can start implementing the improvements we have developed and we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase what you can expect to see. 

Membership Forms

We will be launching membership forms which you will be able to complete and submit online – avoiding the need to download and e-mail/post a document to the Centre.

These forms will be launched on our website for membership renewal from 16th August. This will also be a simplified form where you can tell us if your details have remained the same or just complete any sections where details may have changed over the year. As previously described, we are adopting a system of rolling membership, rather than at a fixed time for everyone, so don’t worry if you haven't been contacted about renewal during that week.

From 23rd August our improved forms for joining as a new member will be launched on our website, along with an improved membership welcome journey and updated membership pack. People will also have the option to join to access support services only should they wish.

The fees will remain as the updated charges introduced in June 2021.

Paper forms will still be available from the Centre should you prefer to use these. 

Booking of classes

As part of these new systems and to keep our exercise and physiotherapy sessions exclusive to our members, we will be introducing a special Members Area on our website. Members who have been through our assessment for physiotherapy/exercise will be granted access to this area and this will become where you book your classes.

For the time being this will be for our virtual classes only, but in time we hope to make our in-Centre classes bookable online too – to give you more options alongside booking by phone and in-person.

To access this area you will use the password you have created when using the virtual classes/making donations on the website currently. As your password is personal to you we won’t be able to create these for you, but you can reset it if you need to by choosing the ‘forgot password’ option, which will issue an e-mail to you to enable you to reset. Likewise, if you haven’t registered on our website yet, you can select ‘Register’, complete some basic details and an e-mail will be issued to you to set-up a password. 

Member News

Currently our Member News is issued from two separate systems in relation to consent permissions that have been given. From September we will be merging these so that only one version is sent – better for your mailbox if you are currently receiving both and for our efficiency too! To make this change we will be updating our Privacy Policy to reflect our Member News being distributed under legitimate interest (basically we think members find it useful). You can of course unsubscribe should you prefer by letting us know at [email protected] or clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter itself.

The communications consent that you provide within our membership forms will relate to separate communications specific to fundraising, events and general Centre news. 

Behind the scenes

Many of our improvements won’t be visible publicly, but are important changes which will help us to become more efficient, so that we can maximise our resources to concentrate on making sure members have a reliable, friendly and welcoming service and that we can generate the funds necessary to keep the Centre running.

We have streamlined our administrative processes to remove duplication, improve knowledge and improve membership experience.


We hope you find these changes beneficial and we welcome any feedback you have so that we can make any further adjustments necessary.

Thank you for support.