Carers are unsung stars in the community. Often coming to the role unprepared and without choice. They make sacrifices to care for those that they love when they need them most and do so with a commitment and dedication that would make any superhero proud.

To start with the sacrifices might be small – a missed social occasion or an extra chore to undertake - but often the level of caring duty required can lead to giving up work, hobbies they love, and not having the opportunities to lead a life of their own. A life they once took for granted.

Not that they complain. No, these unsung heroes carry on each day putting their cared for person first.

This is where Carers’ Week comes in. It’s all about giving these unsung heroes the recognition they deserve.

All of us at the Centre would like to say a huge well done and thank you for all that you do.

At the Neuro Therapy Centre we offer a warm welcome to everyone. We make sure that Carers realise the importance of taking time to look after their own needs as well as those of their loved ones.

Many Carers benefit from our services or from the opportunity to have some much needed time to themselves in which to shop, meet friends or work, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is in a safe and happy environment. We recognise that a healthy and motivated Carer will be able to fulfill their caring role more effectively than one who is stressed and de-motivated, and by providing Carers with access to relief time and respite we acknowledge the importance of their caring role.

This Carers’ Week we held a Clarins Pamper Session at the Centre which gave our Carers the opportunity to take some time out for a hand and arm massage and enjoy some little treats to take home.

We have also launched our Carers Comment Tree in our coffee lounge to celebrate the dedication of Carers, give them opportunities to share ideas, as well as things they love about the Centre.

These are just some of the comments made so far:

“A lovely, friendly environment where people meet and chat with ever helpful staff xx”

“A great place to come and chat, laugh and relax. All the people including staff very friendly and helpful.”

“Smile, feel good, feel wanted, caring staff”

“Lots of people to talk to and amazing place to be”

“Happier, positive, caring, fitter, stronger”

“What a wonderful, caring and harmonious environment. Beautiful people”

“Always a warm welcome here”

“Lovely place to come and have a coffee. Amazing staff”

“Smile, feel good, feel wanted, caring staff”


It’s fantastic to hear that Carers are valuing our services and the Centre so highly. If you have not yet had a chance to add your thoughts, ideas and top tips – you can add them below.