From February we will be launching a new monthly pass for our gym. This will mean that you can have unlimited sessions for £20 a month.

We know that many of you use the gym more than once a week, some even having the enthusiasm to use it in the morning and afternoon of the same day! Bearing this in mind we are introducing this new pricing structure to make using our gym more affordable.

When the gym re-opened after its refurbishment last year, we expanded the amount of accessible equipment that was available - do pop and take a look if you haven't explored the gym yet. There are exercise bikes, a water rowing machine, and a Nordic cross trainer to name just a few of the specialist areas of equipment. There is also group gaming software which means members can take part in group cycling therapy. Santi our gym instructor will take you through all the pieces of equipment, guide you through their use and make suggestions over which bits of kit to use to achieve improvements in your fitness, strength and balance.

Also new was Santi offering boxing sessions, speak to him if you would like to try this out. This is the ultimate full body workout! Punching against resistance causes all of the muscles involved to contract with more force and speed, developing your strength and power. Boxing can also be a natural mood booster. through providing a rush of endorphins. Boxing encourages a healthier lifestyle, which benefits physical and mental wellbeing, sleep, eating, and self-care and compassion.

The monthly tokens will be labelled for each month, and rather than giving this token in to Santi, you will show it him each time you use the gym for the duration of the month, before re-purchasing with Helen for the following month.

The option to 'pay as you go' at £5 a session will still be available for those that prefer that system, with those tokens being handed to Santi at the start of the session.