Zdravstvuyte (Hello) from Russia! 

Nellie has made it to Russia and has been able to travel all the way to Nizhnekamsk! She is enjoying the warmer weather since she left Poland and visiting local attractions! 

As you all know, Nellie likes to go on long walks, and on one of these walks she discovered Musa Jalil Park. Inside, she found the statue of Musa Jalil, a poet and resistance fighter who was awarded a ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’ award for showing great stamina and courage whilst fighting against the Nazi invaders.  

Nellie definitely couldn’t visit Nizhnekamsk and not attend an ice hockey game. She attended Nizhnekamsk against Torpedo (wrapped up warm of course) and watched as Nizhnekamsk won 3-2. It was a very exciting game; she was happy she got to see the win! It also got her excited for the upcoming Olympics.  

Nellie loves to stay active and loves to watch all types of sports, her favourite being swimming. She never forgets her trunks wherever she may be.  

Nellie also went to the local museum, where she took a guided tour. She learnt all about the first settlers and how the city has grown  

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