Nellie enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and can’t wait to tell you about her New Year’s festivities.

First things first, Nellie wanted to embrace the traditions involved with a traditional Polish New Year celebration. Even down to putting a carp scale in her purse for good fortune and to attract money in the new year!

Another tradition is to make as much noise as possible to ward off evil that might come with the new year. In the past people used rattles and music but there’s nothing quite as loud as a firework show. She set off some fireworks in her garden (being safe of course) at midnight to welcome in the new year.

Of course, New Year isn’t the same without the love of friends and family. So even though she was alone; she wasn’t truly lonely. With todays technology, Nellie was able to video call home and take part in a family quiz before ringing in the new year with Ol langs syne. With measures becoming more strict, virtual hugs would have to do.

Nellie is packed and ready to continue on her virtual voyage with your help! She’s looking forward to learning about the different countries she passes through and getting to Japan in time for the delayed Olympics rescheduled for this year. If you would like to help Nellie reach her goal please sign up here! You can walk, run, cycle, anything you want! Just make sure you keep track so Nellie can make sure she travels the correct distance. 

She hopes you have a fortunate, happy and healthy New Yearand hopes you are surrounded by the love and laughter of family and friends as soon as possible.

Happy New Year

Nellie x