Nellie arrived just in time for the start of the Paralympics and has been so busy enjoying herself and watching her favourite sports - she’s barely had time to sleep! She was overjoyed to watch Great Britain come second with 124 medals! 41 gold, 28 silver and 45 bronze.

Nellie watched along with the rest of the world, on tenterhooks (and a mask on her trunk), as the world came together in an intense challenge that was a long time coming. Great Britain did brilliantly especially in the swimming category (Nellie’s favourite). She found it fascinating to watch Reese Dunn win five medals (the most successful Paralympian in Tokyo), including two golds! 

Apart from spending time at the Olympics, Nellie enjoyed the sights of Tokyo whilst she was there. She visited Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, she wandered the gardens taking in the beautiful surroundings, taking a little time to herself after her long journey, and sitting in the Taiwan Pavilion overlooking the most serene pond she had ever seen.

She visited Senso-ji, a temple found at the bottom of a busy shopping street. She stood at the large cauldron and she inhaled the incense as an omen of good health. 

For a day of walking, she visited Yoyogi Park. Not only was it a lovely walk in Japanese nature but it was filled with performers! She watched bongo players and street dancers, and even saw a dog dressed up! 

She has thoroughly enjoyed her adventure and has all of you fantastic fundraisers to thank. Nellie can’t wait to come back to the centre and let everyone know what she did on her adventures. 

Who knows, maybe she could join you on one of your adventures soon?