Phoebe has interviewed a Carer about their lockdown experience

Lockdown has been hard on us all and over the last 12 months many of us have missed out on exciting occasions, celebrations or holidays. But I wanted to talk about a different side of lockdown. What about the strengthening of family unions, the kindness shown from friends and the friendly waves from neighbours?

Restrictions caused by the pandemic put strain on some relationships around me but being forced to be dependent on those around me made sure those closest to me became even closer. The laughs and memories I have shared with my family will stay with me forever and I strongly feel I will never get to spend time like this with my family again, so I look back at the ups and downs the last 12 months has had with fond memories and a smile on my face.

I am a carer and was having to support my daughter aged 25 years through her time shielding throughout the entire pandemic.

Like many carers out there the thought of a virus that could severely affect the healthy let alone the vulnerable was difficult to process, and I went into the first lockdown with the feeling of anxiety and dread. Yes, I was scared for my daughter and her health but I was also scared about how to safely continue to care for her and keep my self safe too.

At times it was very stressful and confusing as restrictions changes and new rules were put in place. But amongst all of this chaos I got to spend time with my daughter and the rest of the household doing things we had never thought to do together as a family.

  • Fitness classes in the garden
  • Wine tasting and cocktail making
  • Afternoon tea parties
  • Guess the branded food items
  • Campfires in the garden
  • Lockdown haircut attempts
  • Board games
  • Art sessions

And many more weird and wonderful things.

So yes, the year has been a strange and difficult one with breakups, deaths of loved ones and important occasions missed but there has also been births, house moves and the amazing memories I’ve made.

So I ask you all to take 5 minutes of your time to look back on your memories of the pandemic and for every bad or negative memory think of a special moment that made you smile.