With summer underway - we're all hoping for some sunshine. But what happens when hot becomes too hot to cope with? Take a look at our top tips for keeping cool.

Keep Hydrated

Make sure you keep drinking. Hydration is key to regulating your temperature and helps to prevent headaches.

Avoid exposure during hottest part of the day

The day is often at its hottest between 11am and 2pm - as the quotation goes mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun! Try not to be outside during these hours. Keep that sun cream topped up to avoid getting sunburnt.

Think about what you wear

Cotton clothing tends to be more breathable in warmer weather, and looser clothing will feel more comfortable. Think about your footwear too - make sure it's lightweight and as long as you're not doing an activity which puts your feet in danger, think about wearing sandals - or even have your bare feet in a bowl of cool water if you can! Hats are also important if you plan to spend time outdoors, as they help provide some shade and keep the sun from directly hitting your head.

Keep your rooms aired

If you have fans use these to help air circulate and have windows open to increase airflow around your home.

Keep your hot points cool

Your hot zones, often where ladies are advised to wear their perfume, are ideal places for placing cool objects to bring your temperature down. Why not try pressing a cool flannel or a bottle filled with cold water at your neck, wrists, elbow bends, temples, ankles and behind your knees?

Cooling showers and placing your wrists under the cold tap will also help.

Be a kid again

Those ice lollies of your childhood can make a comeback and help you out - not only are they a tasty treat but they have a wonderful cooling effect on your body too. If you have a favourite drink or fruit choice - why not try making your own lolly?

Keep ice in your freezer for cold drinks too or create a fruit smoothie with plenty of ice!

Pace yourself

Don't push yourself too hard on hot days. Can things wait until tomorrow when the weather may be cooler? Try adjusting your schedule and plans to allow for plenty of time to rest.

Have you got any tips that work for you?

Please share them as a comment below, so that we can all help each other.