Getting food and provisions during the crisis is a hot topic at the moment. Here is a round-up of some advice that may give some assistance along the way:


Most supermarkets are working on a list provided by the government of people to give priority grocery delivery to. This is taking a little time for them to work through but they are issuing letters/e-mails to people to give them priority access to online deliveries. Some have also introduced dedicated shopping times, please see individual store websites to check if this applies to a store near you.

Many supermarkets are not asking for proof that you’re disabled or vulnerable. If you’re asked you may just need to explain that you have a health condition or are disabled. If you’re worried about getting access to the vulnerable shopping hours, you could try taking disability benefit or blue badge paperwork with you.

You could also try getting a sunflower lanyard. This tells staff you have an invisible condition and may help you access the vulnerable shopping hours.

How to get a sunflower lanyard (Tesco)

Sunflower lanyard scheme (Sainsbury’s)

Morrisons are also offering a food box scheme tailored with either fresh produce or ready meals see

Help paying for goods if volunteers or family members are purchasing items on your behalf:

Asda have introduced a ‘volunteer shopping card’. The card gives those self-isolating a contact-free way to allow others to collect and pay for their weekly shop, without risking handing over a debit card or using cash. To sign up for a card and top it up online, go to

Sainsburys have also committed to introducing a similar card.

Free Food Parcels

The government have also issued letters to people who are on their vulnerable list, which gives them access to free food parcels if they are unable to get online deliveries or don't have other assistance that can help them during this time.

If you live in England and you haven’t already been contacted with advice and have a condition that makes you clinically vulnerable to coronavirus, you can register at You’ll need your NHS number to do so.

Residents in Wales should be able to request a free weekly food box by contacting their local authority. If there are two eligible people within a household, two boxes will be delivered.

Local food delivery services

Many establishments are still offering take-a-ways for that occasional treat, as long as you live within a distance they deliver to - check out the website for your favourite pizza place, Indian, Chinese or restaurant. Even some restaurants that weren't previously offering take-away options are now doing so. Ideal if you are missing a birthday meal or celebration during this time.

Many smaller independent sellers such as grocers and butchers are now offering delivery options too.

An article which lists various options in North Wales is here.

An article which lists options around Chester is here.

NEWCIS have issued a helpful list for North Wales here.

If you have come across a business that is helping with food and provisions that you have found helpful, please comment below and we can add them to this list.