Carers’ Week is an annual celebration to mark the dedication of unpaid Carers across the UK. The week highlights the challenges they face and recognises the difference they make.

Often family members and friends take on caring responsibilities when their loved ones need them but often don’t recognise themselves as Carers. Neglecting their own needs becomes a way of life to put their loved one first and not accessing available support or taking time for themselves can take its toll.

The impact of Covid-19 escalated these issues often leaving people more isolated than ever.

The year’s Carers’ Week is focusing on making caring Visible, Valued and Supported. Caring can be very rewarding but also be tough without seeking advice and support.

Take a look at the Carers’ Week information leaflet or visit the website.

Recent research has shown that more than 4.6 million unpaid carers are concerned about their physical and mental health and over 2 million carers are worried about their ability to cope financially across the UK

There is overwhelming public support for more Government action to help unpaid carers - 84% of the general public think that the UK governments should provide additional support to unpaid carers, including increased financial support and investment in care and support services so that unpaid carers can have a break. 

At the Neuro Therapy Centre our Carer members can take part in any of our exercise sessions, either at the Centre or online. These help to maintain fitness and strength to be able to undertake a caring role. We also offer our 1-1 counselling sessions to help maintain mental wellbeing and run adhoc support sessions and events to provide social and advice opportunities. Our team are also happy to help with any issues or questions Carers have on a day-to-day basis. 

On behalf of everyone we’d like to send our thanks to all the Carers who support people living with neurological conditions for everything you do.