Annette has been coming to the Centre for about thirty years, and she’s taking part in our Get Awesome This Autumn challenge. 

Our lead Physio, Elpida, is working with Annette and has challenged her to do ten sit up crunches every day during October.   That might not sound much, but to Annette, it’s like running a marathon.   She thought carefully about this level of activity, but knows that Elpida wouldn’t ask her to do something she couldn’t achieve, so went ahead.   Annette uses the gym here at the Centre, she enjoys the seated exercise groups, and gets huge benefit from her weekly one-to-one sessions with Elpida. 

Annette is absolutely determined to complete this challenge, to promote the physical and mental health support therapies we offer here at the Centre, as she knows they’re both as important as each other. 

Here’s a short video that Annette made for her Facebook page

If you can, please do sponsor Annette – this is a big challenge for her and she’s determined to achieve her goal and raise money for the Centre. 

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