Take a look at some of these activities to intrigue, spark interest, conversations and have fun.


A visit to Youtube brings you to a world where you can search for videos on everything from old TV shows, interviews, crafting demonstrations, how to guides and more!

Are you a fan of Countdown? Take part in your own game online.

Explore the world and test your knowledge of landmarks in these online map games.

If sudoku is your passion, why not play online and choose how hard your game is?

Or you can't beat the fun of a good old personal challenge against Pacman!

We also have our own Neuro Therapy Centre activity book available which has colouring, puzzles and more.

Phoebe also wrote about online TV options and podcasts on our blog.

Have a blast from the past and take a look through the BBC archives by decade or theme on their dedicated BBC Reminiscence Archive. To begin, simply select a Theme (such as Sport, Events etc.) or a Decade (1930s, 1940s etc.) and choose whether you wish to have Image, Audio or Video content. The results are randomised each visit, however items can be 'favourited' to return to later.

If you're feeling like a spot of cookery - why not try one of the tasty recipes sent in by our staff team?

Chatting to Friends and Family Online

There are many ways in which being online can help you connect with people. These are some of the options:

Whats App

This mobile phone messaging service enables a group of people to interact with each other and send photos too. A group of up to 8 people can video message as well. You just need the Internet, the app and the contact number of the people you want to link with in your smartphone.


Familiar to you if you've been accessing our live exercise sessions or our social events, but this tool can also be used to create video and audio meet-ups too. To set up a zoom account you’ll need an email address. Can be used for free for chats of up to 40 minutes.

Facebook messenger 

You need a Facebook account to use messenger. This connects to Facebook account and allows you to contact 'friends' from you page. You can set-up group and 1-1 chats by written message or by video.


One of the first tools of this type for video messaging. Can now be used without needing an account over the web.