The difference we make

Parkinson's Disease, MS and many other neurological conditions can be diagnosed at any point in a person's life. Hearing the diagnosis can be devastating. While these conditions can’t be cured, the right support can transform the lives of those affected. With your help, the Neuro Therapy Centre can people now and in the future.

We are a registered charity supporting people across Cheshire, Wirral, and North Wales living with neurological conditions and their Carers. Our focus is on helping people with MS, Parkinson’s, ME, Ataxia and Fibromyalgia (plus 45+ other neurological conditions) through physiotherapy, fitness and exercise, counselling, and peer support.

We empower people to be proactive about their care through our preventative approach to managing conditions - saving NHS resources and improving quality of life. We focus on the positive, reinforcing what people CAN do.

Research demonstrates the huge benefits of regular exercise - our accessible facilities, tailored services and knowledge mean we can be at the heart of the solution people need.

"I am so very grateful for the Neuro Therapy Centre, it really helps me both physically and emotionally and I can not say enough great things about the Centre and everyone in it - I would be devastated if the Neuro Therapy Centre wasn't available" - NTC Member

“The last 10 years have been hell (since diagnosis) but the last two have been better because of the Centre” - NTC Member

But we need to grow…

  • The number of people using our services has doubled in the past ten years and we want to double it again.
  • 1 in 10 people in the UK has one of the neurological conditions that we support which demonstrates the impact our Centre can have.
  • We have the skills and experience to support more people but to meet the demand we need to expand and develop our Centre to grow our services which will enable us to create a life-changing difference for 1000 people by 2025.
  • This growth will provide more choice and flexibility for our service users and create wider opportunities for partnership work - extending our reach.

The perfect opportunity

We've secured the lease of a building next to our current Centre to create a new home for our physiotherapy and exercise services. We are keen to harness this golden opportunity to expand without disruption to our current service users’ routines and support, and as such we have committed legacy income from recent years to kick things off.

We are seeking funds to:

1 - renovate and equip this additional site to meet our needs;

2 - refurbish and equip our existing site to grow our mental health services and social space;

3 - make sure we can introduce new services and expand our support to meet future demand.

In total, we need to raise £500,000 to expand and develop our Centre over the next two years.

Phase 1 - £300,000 by January 2024 to open our new exercise and physiotherapy suite, equipping it with the specialist facilities we need to start delivery of services from Summer 2024.

Phase 2 - £200,000 by July 2024 to open our refurbished coffee lounge, a dedicated virtual suite to support our online delivery and recorded sessions, and a new mental health suite to start delivery of services from December 2024.

What drives us, every day, is a desire to support people. Now we need your support.

Expanding and developing our Centre will mean we can help more people. Instead of worrying about whether we can accommodate new people, we’ll concentrate on expanding our services and support – transforming hundreds of lives in the process.

How you can help

Make a donation - all gifts will make a difference no matter their size. If you are able to gift-aid your donation too, your donation will be able to work even harder.


We would love to name check donors in our new building, but if you would prefer to give anonymously then please make sure to uncheck the 'Display your name with your donation on our site' tick box.

Fundraise - if you would like to support us through a fundraising challenge or through organising an event to support our appeal, please contact us on 01244 678619 or e-mail [email protected] 

This appeal will help us fund Phase 1 of our expansion, if we raise more than our target any additional funds will be allocated to Phase 2 or to supporting the delivery of services.

Thank you for your support.