Anyone can develop a neurological condition, at any point in their life. And for most, it’s devastating. Family, relationships, work, physical and mental health: every aspect of a person’s life can be disrupted.

MS, Parkinson’s, and MND – three of the most common conditions – are progressive and degenerative. Symptoms like muscle weakness and fatigue worsen over time, making it hard to live independently. Changes in the conditions are often unpredictable: they can worsen suddenly, or slowly over a long time. In most cases, people with these conditions have to stop working and give up the hobbies they love.

Although neurological conditions are incurable, a huge amount can be done to manage symptoms and maintain quality of life. Something as simple as regular physiotherapy can make a huge difference, helping people stay mobile and independent.

Here at the Neuro Therapy Centre we believe in a future after diagnosis.

“The Neuro Therapy Centre, with its highly qualified staff, exhibit real care and concern for people’s physical and mental wellbeing. Personally, I find the Centre and its staff and volunteers make the difference in my life, between isolation and a steady decline in my condition with its inevitable physical and mental affects, and where I am now - confident and able to look after myself.” Member of the Neuro Therapy Centre

“I didn’t think anyone else understood how I felt and it was a powerful feeling being in a room with other people experiencing the same thing; for the first time I felt understood and that I wasn’t on my own.” Member of the Neuro Therapy Centre

“I’d heard of Parkinson’s but didn’t know anyone with it and I didn’t know what to expect at all. I started to visit the Centre 5 years ago and it has made such a difference to me. I do one-to-one physiotherapy. My strength has improved and that’s down to knowing what the correct exercises are that will work for me without causing harm; a regular gym just wouldn’t understand my condition or be able to work with me in the same way.” Member of the Neuro Therapy Centre

With your help we can offer this support at our Centre.

Every week we offer 28 sessions of physiotherapy, 12 oxygen therapy sessions, 6 counselling sessions, and 30 hours of gym/fitness support - all delivered by qualified and experienced professionals.  We also have a vibrant lounge area for sharing support, friendship and advice.

Just as our therapies and support are essential to people with neurological conditions and their Carers, funding our everyday costs is essential to running the Centre.

It’s easy to take for granted the core services needed to run the Neuro Therapy Centre - things like electricity and water, and even the building we operate from. But without light and heat, hot and cold water, telephones and computers we wouldn’t be able to offer our much-needed support and therapies, which provide that life-line to our members.

Can you give the gift of independence and friendship that our Centre provides.


  • If 500 supporters donate £30 we'll have £15,000 to be able to fund the rent and rates for our building for the next 6 months.
  • If 500 supporters donate £10 we'll have £5,000 to be able to fund the lighting and heating of our Centre for the next 12 months.
  • If 500 supporters donate £5 we'll have £2,500 to be able to fund the phone line at our Centre for the next 12 months.