The VibroGym is easy to use and regular small bouts of exercise result in appreciable increases in muscle strength, alongside other benefits such as pain relief, reduction in intensity of spasms, increased circulation and the recovery of limb sensation.  Furthermore, only a minute on the VibroGym will provide you with the equivalent of a 10 minute workout with weights, providing a fast and effective means of exercise.

These machines are proven to have extremely beneficial effects.  The VibroGym – originally designed by the Russians – works by stimulating the whole muscular system with vibrations.  It has been proven to utilize almost 100% of the body’s muscles (including muscles that are rarely used) compared to 40- 60% used in general exercise.

Vibro GymFeedback is very positive with users reporting immediate benefits after a session on the VibroGym.  The VibroGym is accessible to all – so come along and give it a go. 

If you are still not convinced, here are some of the comments we have received from members who tried it out:

“I feel the benefits of the VibroGym immediately;  I walk so much better after I’ve been on it.”

“During the massage I felt sensation in my feet again.”

“I have really felt the benefit of using the VibroGym  in reducing my tremours.”