Occupational Therapy can help with:

  • anxiety and depression;
  • regaining or maintaining independence;
  • falls management;
  • fatigue management;
  • helping you find ways of doing small tasks when they become difficult eg writing, dressing;
  • helping you to enjoy meaningful activity and recreation again. 

Occupational Therapy looks at your individual strengths and through a personalised assessment is able to explore strategies to keep you independent and enable you to complete daily tasks.

Price £6.00 (£30 plus expenses if a home visit) - individual sessions that look at environmental adjustment, equipment and adaptation advice, home assessment, rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation. Available Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, see Jackie Hughes for details.

In addition our Occupational Therapist organises sessions at the Centre to teach techniques in:

Fatigue Management

The programme runs for 6 weeks and takes you through a range of techniques that can be practised to help you combat stress, improve relaxation, and improve wellbeing – giving you the ability and knowledge to be able to manage fatigue. 

Course costs: £6 per session (£36 for the 6 weeks). Look out for details of the next sessions at the Centre.

Moving & Handling Training

We can help you find solutions when you can no longer safely transfer yourself from one place to another. Talk to Jackie to discuss your needs and she can make recommendations of equipment to help to make life easier for you and your Carers.

Hand Class

If you're struggling with grip and dexterity in your hands this class is where you can work on ways to improve strength in your hands. Price £5, see Jackie for more details.

Jackie Hughes, our Occupational Therapist provides a variety of services through the Neuro Therapy Centre. Contact the Centre on 01244 678619 to make an appointment or e-mail [email protected]