The Neuro Therapy Centre does wonders - I am always hearing positive accounts of how members and carers are supported and helped through the various therapies and classes. The counselling service is invaluable in helping people cope with the day to day difficulties of living with a long term neurological condition.

I now work at the Centre as part of the Marketing team, as well as being a Carer Member. When we (the Marketing and Fundraising teams) came up with the idea of #GetAwesomeThisAutumm, I immediately thought it would be a great opportunity to kickstart my winter fitness plans, raise money for the Centre, and literally 'walk my talk'!

So during October, I am challenging myself to walk 100 miles - I don't have much free time for long walks these days, so I'll be counting every mile I walk during the day, and adding in longer hikes when I'm able. I'm grateful for any support - whether it's donations for the Centre or encouragement and advice.

Isabel Forbes-Hurst