The past few years have been very challenging for me both emotionally and physically.

My 50th Birthday Celebrations seem a distant memory, surrounded by pretty much all the people in the world I cared about, playing drums (badly) in my band and drinking far too much! 

For my 60th there will be no wild parties I`m afraid but I would ask something of my family and friends.

After my Ataxia diagnosis in 2021, there was little, in fact, no support offered to me by the NHS other than prescribed medication for nerve pain. No physio, no counselling, no follow up. Like many other people diagnosed with a neurological condition, I felt abandoned and lost without direction and often no sense of hope.

Through my own endeavours I discovered The Neuro Therapy Centre in Chester, an organisation that relies totally on charitable donations whilst offering a valuable lifeline to people with all kinds of neurological conditions. Individuals (and carers) are supported with physical exercise programmes, one-to-one physio, classes, social activities and counselling. All of this provided by a team of genuine Superstars (staff and volunteers). The difference this place makes to people's lives is immeasurable.

But it needs funding. Every day.

I know many of you (like myself) have charities you donate to for your own personal reasons. So, me banging on about another one won't hit the mark with you all, but if you had any intention of sending a card or buying a gift for my 60th Birthday (5th April in case you forgot!) I would ask you not do do so and make a small donation to my fundraising page instead. It would be a gift really appreciated not only by me, but many, many people.


Pete Beaumont