As the leaves change colour and the air turns crisp, there's no better time to prioritise your health and well-being. Welcome to the Neuro Therapy Centre’s 'Get Awesome This Autumn' Wellness Challenge! We're inviting you to take part in a month-long journey of self-care, mindfulness, and positive new habits, whilst raising funds to make a life-changing difference to people with neurological conditions and their families.

Autumn is the season of change, and the perfect opportunity to make positive changes. This challenge is all about embracing the spirit of the season while taking steps toward improving your physical and mental well-being. From energising outdoor activities to nourishing mindful experiences, you'll find lots of reasons to participate.

How to get involved

🌿 Choose a physical and/or mental exercise to do each day in the month of October. We have lots of suggestions you can choose from or choose your own challenge if you have one in mind.  You can do the same thing each day and master your chosen activity, or choose something different each day to get the benefits of mixing up your routine and exploring new things.  Choose your own level of challenge and set your own goals.

🌿 Set up a fundraising page here. Take a fundraising selfie to upload onto your profile page. Tell your own personal story about why you are challenging yourself, and add your reasons for supporting the Neuro Therapy Centre. Then tell everyone you know - this will keep you motivated and really help you to stick to your challenge and hit your targets.

🌿 Download your daily progress log and put it somewhere you’ll see each day to remind you of your challenge. Update us on your progress.  Tag us in your social media posts to encourage yourself and other participants and gather more support as you go.

Why not connect with fellow participants on social media using #GetAwesomeThisAutumn ? Share your experiences, progress, and insights.

We look forward to seeing you Get Awesome!

For more information please email [email protected]

Some challenge ideas...

Physical Wellness:

  • Daily Exercise: Commit to a specific amount of physical activity each day, whether it's a workout, bike ride, run, or dancing.
  • Stretching Routine: Incorporate a daily stretching or flexibility routine to improve your mobility and prevent muscle tension, using yoga or Pilates techniques.
  • Walking: Set yourself a daily step challenge or distance to take each day.
  • Cooking Challenge: Set yourself a challenge to only eat and cook with wholefoods or seasonal ingredients.

Mental and Emotional Wellness:

  • Mindfulness Meditation: Dedicate time each day for mindfulness meditation to cultivate awareness and reduce stress.
  • Journaling: Write down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to promote self-reflection and emotional processing.
  • Digital Detox Days: Set aside specific times of the day where you disconnect from screens – put the phone or the tablet down! 
  • Learn Something New: Dedicate time each day to learn a new skill or pursue a hobby you've always wanted to try.
  • Nature Connection: Take daily mindful walks and focus on observing and appreciating the natural world.

Social Wellness:

  • Connection Challenge: Reach out to someone each day in your local community who would benefit from strengthening social connections – do it in person or online, all contact is good.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: Perform one act of kindness each day, whether it's for someone you know or a stranger. Make someone smile! 
  • Social Media Positivity: Share positive and uplifting content on your social media platforms for the entire month.

Spiritual Wellness:

  • Spiritual Practice: Engage in spiritual activities that resonate with you, such as prayer or meditation
  • Reflection Time: Set aside time each day for quiet reflection, self-discovery, and connecting with your inner self.

Intellectual Wellness:

  • Reading Challenge: Read a certain number of books or articles that stimulate your mind and expand your knowledge.
  • Brain Teasers: Solve puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, or other brain-boosting games to challenge your cognitive skills.
  • Learn a Language: Dedicate time each day to learn a new word or phrase in a different language.
  • Creative Writing: Write a page of that novel you promised yourself you’d start or write a poem each day and share it with others.