Our physiotherapists have been recommending a host of exercises for you to try at home on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here's a round-up of the sessions that have been given so far...

As with any exercise take care and know your limits - if any of these exercises cause you extreme pain for any reason take it easy and know your own body. If you think there are any that you can't do, then leave out what you don't feel comfortable with. Please stay safe while exercising in your own home and avoid injury.

Do let us know how you get on and if you are finding these sessions helpful.

An upper body tone session from the Multiple Sclerosis Trust:

A sitting exercises from the Multiple Sclerosis Trust:

A stretch and flexibility from the MS Society UK:

Exercises made for doing at home from Parkinson's UK:

A session around improving your balance and stability from MS Society UK:

A low impact lower body workout from the MS Society:

A simple seated exercise workout from the MS Society:

An exercise to work your core from the MS Society:

A seated Arm exercise from MS Society UK

There are also sitting exercises and exercises for balance and flexibility from the NHS at


Keep as mobile as you can each day and stay motivated!