Our Virtual Centre is making difference with your help next month we can reach more people.

The story so far

Since March we have been running our Centre virtually, thanks to all our wonderful supporters.

The Virtual Centre has grown to include:

  • weekly telephone support calls
  • telephone and zoom counselling sessions and 4 support groups
  • 9 live zoom exercise sessions each week
  • a range of recorded exercise sessions and therapies from our own team
  • and regular online social events.

We've received fantastic feedback from our members about these services and how the Virtual Centre has made a difference to maintaining their mobility, preventing loneliness, keeping motivated, and being supported when they've needed it most. 

We've also seen new friendships formed during online sessions, and how people have benefitted from exercising more regularly, without the need to travel or adjust other commitments.

Feedback from our members

"I only used to be able to attend the Centre once a week, with the Virtual Centre I’m attending three sessions a week and I can see how that is building my strength. The sessions really give me a boost."

"This is a great service I enjoy my chats with the Centre team. It's lovely to have that contact, it really cheers my day."

"The online classes are keeping me active and I now can fit them in my lunch hour from work, so I can fit in more sessions."

The Future

In September we started to re-open our Centre in Saltney to invited members for some in-person sessions, but due to meeting social distance guidelines we can't fully open to everyone just yet. 

By combining our in-Centre services with our Virtual Centre we are reaching more people than ever and it is clear that the introduction of online services has meant we've been able to help people who struggle to get to the Centre as often as they might need or like to. We feel we've only started to see the potential this could have for people with neurological conditions in North Wales, Cheshire and the Wirral.

How you can help

Next month you can help make this a permanent part of our Centre alongside our in-person provision. We have been lucky enough to be able to secure up to £10,000 to match donations made to the Neuro Therapy Centre between 12 noon on 1st December until 12 noon on Tuesday 8th December.

How does it work?

The Big Give is a match-funding campaign which will enable all donations given through our dedicated Big Give page to be doubled for FREE, so a donation of £5 will become £10, a donation of £10 will become £20, a donation of £100 will become £200. The donation amount can be any figure and there is no limit on how much it can be.

Double your donation from noon on 1st December until noon on 8th December

Join our events and get your colleagues and friends involved


To help us mark Christmas and celebrate the impact of our Virtual Centre so far why not join us at our online concert on Saturday 5th December, find out more here.

Christmas Jumper Competition

Put on your favourite seasonal jumper and send us a picture between 1st December and 8th December, find out more here.