Support our Virtual Centre to reach more people

The Neuro Therapy Centre has been around for 36 years, with the sole aim of providing personalised quality care and support to vulnerable people with neurodegenerative diseases.
Until March 2020 all our services were offered face-to-face from our base in Saltney. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all that changed. Our Centre had to close to keep our members safe, and the team worked hard to create alternative means of support. The Virtual Centre was born creating:
  • exercises that can be carried out at home through live sessions over Zoom and recorded films
  • advice and support offered virtually and over the phone
  • counselling support over the phone and virtually
  • dedicated support groups around accepting diagnosis, bereavement, support for Carers and specific neurological conditions
  • regular communications to inform, motivate and lift the spirits

What next?

A bold new future

Many people have seen benefits from our virtual services – we’d love to gain the funds we need to run our online and face-to-face services simultaneously.

By providing parallel virtual and in-Centre services we'll be entering a new phase where through our online work we will be able to help more people, including those ‘hard to reach’ due to health, geographical, logistical, or financial barriers - and also those newly diagnosed or still in work. 

Making these changes would mean we could help more people lead independent lives and manage their condition, tailoring our services to support people from the point of diagnosis through to wherever their condition takes them.

How will my donation help?

These funds will contribute towards cost of delivery of our support, and promoting our services to increase awareness of our new virtual offer which will mean that more people are able to access our support in a way that is tailored to their needs, lifestyle and health. It will also help us to develop our building, providing a dedicated space to run the extra services.

Please help us to fund these services which will help us reach more people that need the Centre's support.