Sunday 26 April, would have seen the 40th year of the London Marathon.

We had a runner taking part but unfortunately due to the Covid 19 pandemic the Virgin Money London Marathon, as well as other mass participation events, have been postponed. This means that our fundraising income will be down at a time that we need it more than ever.

The organisers of the London Marathon have stepped in and created a 2.6 Challenge in place of the Marathon and we'd love as many people to take part as possible to support the Neuro Therapy Centre.

About the Challenge

The #TwoPointSixChallenge is a creative challenge which you can adapt to your own interests and loves.

The idea is to think of an activity around the number 2.6 or 26, to raise much needed funds.

You can do whatever the wish, as long as they adhere to the Government social distancing guidelines.

Some ideas

Your challenge can be anything but here's some you could try:

  • Bike ride for 2.6 or 26 miles
  • Run 2.6 miles or for 26 minutes (indoors, outdoors or on the spot)
  • Do 26 football keepie uppies or headers
  • Skip for 2.6 minutes without any mistakes
  • Try out 26 sofa-tricep dips
  • Challenge yourself to 26 press-ups
  • Jump 26 times on a trampoline
  • Stretch with 26 minutes of pilates or yoga
  • Walk 2.6km around your house in fancy dress - that's 3,412 steps!
  • Throw and catch a ball 26 times
  • Complete 26 laps of the garden on foot, running, cycling, on your scooter or on roller skates
  • Put on some music and dance for 26 minutes
  • Do 26 star jumps
  • Run up and down your street 26 times
  • Hold the plank for 26 seconds or 2.6 minutes (156 seconds!)
  • Hop on each leg 26 times
  • Take your dog for a 26 minute walk
  • Juggle for 26 minutes or just 2.6 minutes
  • Do some gardening for 26 minutes
  • Walk up and down the stairs 26 times

You can download an activity pack full of ideas here. Why not get all the family involved?

Next step

Raise money for your challenge or make a donation using the buttons below:


Once you’ve completed your challenge, fundraised or donated, then nominate friends and family to get involved too.

Don't forget to share your challenge with us by e-mail or on our social media on Facebook and Twitter @NTCentre or on Instagram @n.t.centre using the hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge

The challenge starts on Sunday 26th April and can run over the following few days.

Good luck and thank you for taking part!