People with neurological conditions can experience progressive immobility, muscle weakness and fatigue. Our physiotherapists have devised programmes to combat these problems and their sessions take place in a dedicated and well-equipped suit

PhysiotherapyEveryone has a personal assessment on their first visit to the Centre and a programme is carefully developed and the physical benefits explained.

There is the opportunity to get involved in group floor exercise classes, which concentrate on each area of the body in turn, to promote mobility and strength of muscle, with emphasis being placed on muscles that help control balance and therefore boost confidence in transfers and movement.

Each person can participate in as much or as little as can be managed at first. The physiotherapist encourages everyone to progress through the programme as strength develops, using a range of equipment including a stepper, a treadmill, a  bouncer, VibroGym and physiotherapy balls that promote flexibility, encourage confidence and are great fun to use.