Individuals can progress onto one-to-one physiotherapy, otherwise referred to as NET.

NETNeuro-muscular Energising Technique – known as NET – is aimed at increasing muscle function by targeting neural pathways, which may have been affected by a neurological condition.

It is a pioneering and much more effective technique designed to work on balance, strength, muscle group coordination and flexibility in patients with neurologically impaired movement.  The frequency of relapses, spasms and cramps are greatly reduced and the effects of the disease-specific tremors and fatigue are significantly retarded. 

Mobility gain and increased control are two significant benefits of the technique as well as regain of strength in the legs.  The impact on confidence as well as reduced risk to patient and carer are also important factors in this technique and its value to the patients.

Sessions require a lot of concentration by therapist and client alike and focus on trying to position and hold the limbs in functional postures.  They are held on a rolling, eight weeks on / eight weeks off, basis and participants are actively encouraged to attend the Group Physio sessions in between to maintain and maximize any gains in control.  We aim to make each session fun, as well as focused, and progress can be measured in improved transfers, balance and mobility.