Aromatherapy applies essential oils to revive, to restore and to heal the body. It is part of a natural healing tradition that is thousands of years old.

AromatherapyAromatherapy combines the nurturing and relaxing power of touch with another powerful sense - the sense of smell. In aromatherapy massage, essential oils are applied to the skin and massaged into the body using neuromuscular techniques that focus on the nervous system and the invisible channels of energy that oriental practitioners call the meridians.

The massage loosens tight muscles and blocked tissues, focusing on central points in the energy system. As the skin responds to the massage, its nerve endings communicate with the internal organs, glands, nerves and the circulatory system. The effect may be either stimulating or calming, depending upon the types of oils used and on the needs of the individual who is being massaged.

It is a form of complementary therapy designed to treat the whole person and not just the symptom or disease by assisting the body's natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself.